Research has shown that boards of directors of nonprofit organizations that take time to regularly assess their performance are more effective than those that don’t. Very often board members themselves, and those who connect to the board on a regular basis, have many ideas about what is working and what might be done better. One of the best ways to tap the potential for board members and others to contribute to improving board performance is to have them complete a well designed and tested questionnaire covering all facets of board performance. When summarized and analyzed, the results provide an excellent basis for learning and board self development.


This website provides access to a secure online board performance self-assessment questionnaire that can be used by your organization at no charge. The questionnaire is based on prior research into a variety of issues that reduce the effectiveness of nonprofit boards. The services provided through this website are part of a sponsored research project on board effectiveness being carried out by Professors Yvonne Cafik Harrison of the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo, USA and Vic Murray of the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria, CANADA.


Nonprofit organizations participating in this community-based research project will be provided with a secure confidential report on the performance of their board as seen by its members and others who relate to it, as well as guidance on how to enhance the governance process. Many organizations have found this report to be a valuable resource for use in board development programs. To increase the ease of use and utility of this research and development system, we have added language translation (available in the footer of each web page) and live support. We have also streamlined our reporting system and created an annual subscription making Board Check-Up available on a continuous basis. Boards throughout the world can now use the system to assess performance, plan improvements, and check the effectiveness of development efforts over time.

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