This free board development assessment service is part of a research project being carried out by Professors Yvonne Harrison of Luther College at the University of Regina and Vic Murray of the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. The goal of the project is to expand knowledge of how boards of directors of nonprofit organizations work and how they might be improved through performance assessment.

The initial funding for the online board self-assessment research project came from The Institute of Nonprofit Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The INS has a mandate to engage in and support research activities addressing issues within Canada’s nonprofit sector. Subsequent funding was obtained through Professor Harrison's program of nonprofit leadership and governance education and research.   

Because this is a research project, nonprofit organizations that particpate will be asked for permission to have the data they provide used for research purposes. However, it is important to understand that the identities of the particpating organizations and individuals will never be revealed. All responses collected will be held in a password protected database stored on a secure server accessible to Professors Harrison and Murray only. They will statistically analyze the information collected from time to time to produce research reports on the state of nonprofit board effectiveness. This information will be made available to participants through this website.  Please contact Professor Harrison at for more information about the research that underlies this community-based service project.